Start of business loans without collateral

After the credit for the 2007-2008 crisis, small business loans between traditional banks all but dried up. Although banks have become more active in lending to small businesses in recent years, only the most creditworthy and more established companies are taken into consideration for financing. Even then, traditional lenders typically require some sort of collateral, […]

What to do when you have an urgent financial need?

Sometimes, there is an urgent need for money when neither our friends nor the family can help us out. Be fearless, the solution is to use an emergency credit offered by online credit agencies, whether a consumer loan or mortgage, regardless of the amount, to meet your financing needs. Proceed to a credit application Nowadays, […]

The revocation of the bankruptcy trustee

Article taken from “Crisis and rehabilitation n. 31/2018 “ The procedure for revoking and replacing the curator is a natural consequence of the public purposes that oversee the determination of the requirements for the appointment of the same and the assessment of his professional work. This context allows for the exclusion of a subjective right […]